Getting AS9100 Certified-ISO 9001 Philadelphia PA-ISO PROS #17

Getting AS9100 Certified in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)

The standard provides manufacturers with a comprehensive quality system to deliver protection in the aerospace “high risk” industry. AS 9100 also covers Civil and Military Aviation specifications. AS 9100C is the 2009 revision of the Aerospace Standard (“AS”) requiring that a Quality Management System ( QMS) be established and maintained; AS 9001C contains ISO 9001:2008 specifications and specific criteria for the aviation, space and defense sectors.

Instead of specifying the final product requirements, AS 9100 focuses on processes or how to further “upstream” is produced. AS 9100 requires documented process control systems that are used to develop and produce products.


Key benefits of ISO 9100

The advantage of AS 9100 Certification serves to ensure that customers are aware that you are able to produce safe, timely, and reliable products and continually improve them.

Other incentives an organization are likely to see, include:

  • Makes sure that the requirements are systematically applied across the supply chain
  • Provides strong participation and influence within the industry
  • Provides data sharing that helps industry benchmarks in terms of quality system compliance
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) assume no responsibility for the supply chain or products
  • Adds OEM’s own inspection mechanism and makes procedures and goods audits more focused
  • Registration increases the scope of surveillance by including sources which are not specifically regulated by OEMs

Steps to being certified through ISO Pros in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)

To receive the AS9100 Aerospace credential, the company may need to meet certain initial business criteria. At the outset, you will ensure that all the ambiguities have been eliminated and that the corrective steps are established within your organization’s quality control program. Compare the unit to the one defined in the standard AS9100. Take corrective action and log the initiatives the firm is taking to reach the AS9100 standard.

First, you’d be required to sign with the accreditation board for formal examination. Ensure the company is prepared for this test by adopting the requirements laid out in the aerospace standard AS9100. If you meet all of the basic qualification criteria, you would be asked to submit a progress report to the auditor assigned to you. The report must consist of the process of work being followed within your organization, as well as the corrective measures being taken in the quality management system.

If you have met all the initial criteria for the standards specified by AS9100, you can earn the certification for your organization. This takes effect for three years from the date of issue and ISO Pros will keep in touch with the business director to track the average results over this time span. Not only are you supposed to maintain the quality assurance system, but to enhance the performance of the enterprise you need to take corrective action.

The bottom line is that while you are under a budget the benefits far outweigh the costs. When working with American quality control contractors As9100, we’ll go out of the way to ensure the price is fair, particularly as compared to in-house hiring. We pledge to continue working our best to guarantee you actually see all of the improvements. We think the correct consultancy pays for itself, so if you haven’t already achieved it, please email us today to arrange a free quotation so that we can show you how good we are.